About Us

Guraba's Hands Charities Inc. is a U.S based non-profit organization that provides funding for the health and Educational needs of underprivileged Girls in Ghana.

The mission of Guraba’s Hands is to identify and rectify gender based educational inequalities in Ghana. By identifying promising young women from financially unstable homes and sponsoring their education, Guruba’s Hands Charities can meet the critical needs of an underserved population. The provision of educational supplies, tuition support, and cooperative aid to the missions of other organizations whose effective work supports our own creates a positive cycle of societal and economic change throughout Ghana and the world.

Our Story
''If you educate a man you educate an individual but if you educate a woman you educate a NATION.'’ - Dr. Kwegyir Aggrey.

Like many girls in Ghana, my mother never completed high school. Still, she made sure that all of her children graduated from college. It was this determination and emphasis on education that inspired Guraba’s Hands Charities. In Ghana, families with few financial resources must make a choice as to which children should attend school. Unfortunately, in most cases, young girls do not receive the same opportunities as their male siblings. As a result, their opportunities and chance for upward mobility are limited for the rest of their life. This organization’s goal is to help bridge that gap through educational scholarships that inspire and empower young women. Guraba’s Hands is established to take girls education to the next level.